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Preventive Orthodontics

Preventive orthodontics involves all the dental procedures that are intended towards avoiding possible malocclusion in the future. Early orthodontic care considerably reduces teeth misalignment issues, which is why the America Association of Orthodontics recommends parents to take their children for their first orthodontic consultation at the age of seven.

Dr. Hesham Amer has served as an orthodontist for over ten years now and has treated hundreds of patients with malocclusion. His vast knowledge in the field allows him to successfully provide preventive treatment to avoid the misalignment from advancing further.

Monitoring jawbone growth

Sometimes, factors such as heredity, malnutrition, or external injury to the mouth could impair healthy jawbone growth. This can entirely affect the shape of the jaws and the face as a whole. If any such complication is encountered, appropriate treatment will be suggested to overcome it.

Emerging of permanent teeth

Perhaps, the most important phase with regard to the aesthetics of one’s teeth is when the milk teeth fall off and the permanent teeth emerge. This is considered so important as the permanent teeth would surface in a deviated position if the milk teeth do not fall off at the right time. It can lead to issues such as crowding, crossbite, etc. Hence, getting the help of a professional dentist during this phase would ensure the milk teeth are removed at the right time, allowing the permanent ones to surface in the right positions.

Prevent oral trauma

External trauma is also one of the causes of malocclusion. An injury to the teeth or jaws could lead to malocclusion, and worse, change in the jawbone shape. Hence, we can provide customized mouthguards to keep your teeth away from damage due to external trauma.

X-rays prove really helpful

Understanding the structure of the teeth below the gum line could be challenging. Hence, orthodontists make use of digital x-rays to understand the alignment of teeth and to analyze other possible hidden causes of malocclusion. They also allow us to take a look at the emerging teeth, their positioning, hidden cysts, and tumors, diagnose oral infections, inadequate jaw space, etc.

Preventive orthodontic appliances

Certain orthodontic appliances such as retainers, bruxism guards, clear aligners can be suggested by the dentist when they sense that the patient is starting to show signs of malocclusion. This prevents the condition from advancing to much severe stages.

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