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Everyone likes to have a beautiful-looking smile. It naturally increases our self-confidence and makes us feel more comfortable during social interactions. However, getting to that flawless smile is easier said than done. Several hurdles stand in the way of a perfect smile, such as discoloration, cavities, gum diseases, malocclusion, etc.

Malocclusion, or teeth misalignment, has proven to be one of the biggest issues that affect both the aesthetics and functionality of the mouth. Millions of Americans have been affected by it, and the number of people seeking orthodontic attention to overcome it is on the rise. To help you in your quest to get a perfect 10-tooth smile, we would like to present to you, Damon braces.

What are Damon Braces?

Everyone has heard about conventional metal braces. But, have you come across the revolutionary Damon Braces? The Damon system is one of the most advanced orthodontic solutions to overcome malocclusion. They look just like any other set of traditional braces, but are a league apart in terms of functional efficiency. They are composed of sliding brackets and memory wire to gently apply pressure on the teeth in the desired direction.

In conventional braces, the wire is attached to individual brackets making it very difficult for them to move as the teeth come to alignment. This makes it really uncomfortable for the patient. However, when it comes to Damon braces, the wires are allowed to freely slide through the brackets, and there is almost zero resistance to their sliding movement.

Revolutionary brackets

The brackets used for Damon Braces are different from the ones used in conventional braces. Each bracket that is attached to a tooth contains a hinge that can be locked and unlocked at will. The wire will be placed inside the hinge and locked, securing it in place and allowing it to freely slide during the course of the treatment. This reduces the pressure applied on the teeth and makes the procedure more comfortable for the patient.

Why should you choose Damon braces over conventional metal braces?

  • Damon braces can be customized to suit your needs. The brackets can be made from transparent or tooth-colored material, making them less noticeable.
  • The pressure applied on the teeth due to the friction between the wire and the bracket is several hundred times lesser in Damon braces.
  • Damon system makes use of advanced technology to treat malocclusion. The wire used is called ‘Shape-memory’ wire, which allows the teeth to move much quicker and freely. It allows the teeth and surrounding muscles to adapt to their new positions much better.
  • The treatment period using Damon braces will be reduced by almost half as that of conventional braces.
  • With Damon braces, a tooth extraction will not be required prior to setting them up. In most cases, a palatal expander would not be required either.

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