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Braces have been the most popular solution to bringing misaligned teeth to their proper alignment. They are highly effective and are recommended by dentists to treat some of the most complicated cases of malocclusion. However, the metallic nature of traditional braces may put a few patients in a fix as it would ruin the aesthetics of the smile during the entire treatment period.

Worry now, as we have an awesome solution to this. With the advancements in dental technology, getting malocclusion treated need not necessarily be harsh on the appearance of your smile. We would like to present ‘Clear braces’, the dental braces in which the metal brackets and wires are replaced by tooth-colored or transparent counterparts, which help to keep the braces in disguise. This way, your orthodontic aligners wouldn’t be easily noticeable.

How are conventional metal braces different from clear braces?

Metal braces constitute metal brackets and wires that gently apply pressure on the teeth to move them in the desired direction. Clear braces make use of the same principle, but differ from their metal variant mostly in terms of appearance.

Clear braces are composed of brackets made from either tooth-colored ceramic or dental grade transparent plastic. This allows them to stay in disguise even when you talk and smile. This, however, doesn’t affect the functionality of the braces. Clear braces can especially be of great help to youngsters as they can stay clear of any embarrassment coming their way.

Why should you choose clear braces?

  • The biggest advantage of choosing clear braces is that they are visually better at staying hidden. They seamlessly blend in with the teeth and make it difficult for anyone to notice them easily.
  • Clear braces use comparatively smaller brackets to be bonded to the teeth. Brushing the teeth becomes easier due to this.
  • The bonding agent used to hold the brackets in position is less harsh towards the natural tooth structure. It wouldn’t demineralize the enamel, and also, the formation of white spots on the surface of the teeth is reduced.

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