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Malocclusion has been one of the most common oral issues for as long as one can remember. The misaligned teeth ruin the appearance of a person’s smile to a large extent and also affects the way they bite and chew food. If that wasn’t enough, it could even lead to many serious issues such as jawbone deterioration, TMJ disorder, etc.

Dental braces are the most popular solution for treating malocclusion. However, the advancements in dental technology over the past few years has brought much more to the table, allowing us to get the perfect smile in a shorter span of time. We, at Bay Area Smiles, would like to present a quicker and much efficient way of straightening your teeth, Fastbraces.

What are Fastbraces?

Fastbraces, as the name suggests, are braces backed by a revolutionary technology that allow us to help you get straighter teeth in a span of three months to about a year. It is a safe, fast and affordable treatment procedure that provides excellent results. All of this doesn’t even require a tooth extraction.

Fastbraces Vs. Conventional braces

  • The major difference between the two is the principle of functionality. Conventional braces move the crown during the first half of the treatment period. This usually takes about a year. During the second half, the root is moved to the desired position which could, again, takes another year to be completed. But, with Fastbraces, both the crown and the root of the teeth are realigned simultaneously, thereby reducing the treatment period by several months.
  • Conventional braces use rectangular or oval-shaped brackets and circular cross-section wires. In the case of Factbraces, we use triangular brackets coupled with special square-shaped wires. This allows us to realign the root of the tooth along with the crown.
  • The resistance to the relative movement of the brackets and the wires is less in the case of Fastbraces. But, in the case of regular braces, the wires are attached to the brackets. This increases the resistance to the sliding movement of the wires, indirectly increasing the pressure applied on the teeth. Also, Fastbraces are less painful.
  • After the treatment period, the dentist usually recommends the usage of a retainer for a few months. This prevents the teeth from drifting back to their old positions. But, with fast braces, the retainers will only have to be worn for a few minutes every day for a few days depending on the suggestion of the dentist.

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