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Did you know that there is a device and a new technology that can reduce the time you have to wear your braces? Faster braces are possible now with an amazing orthodontic device known as AcceleDent Aura. It can decrease the treatment time by up to fifty percent. By using the device for just 20 minutes a day, it can promote faster tooth movement and can also decrease the discomfort caused during the orthodontic treatment process. 

What is AcceleDent?

AcceleDent is an advanced accelerated orthodontic device that has a comprehensive suite of technology-driven features. It is a class II FDA clear device. It uses soft pulse technology and cyclic forces in order to speed up the movement of teeth by up to fifty percent. First launched in the United States in the year 2012, AcceleDent is an adjunctive therapy which is combined with the regular orthodontic treatment that includes metal braces, Invisalign and clear braces. 

How does it work?

AcceleDent uses precisely calibrated vibrations known as micro-pulses. These vibrations transmit through the roots of your teeth to the surrounding bone. This helps in increasing the cellular activity, speeding up the rate at which your teeth can move. It can decrease the discomfort and pain associated with aligners and braces by up to seventy percent.

Advantages of AcceleDent

  • The effectiveness of orthodontic treatment is improved with AcceleDent.
  • It is a versatile device that can work with both the clear aligner systems and braces.
  • AcceleDent is very easy to use and needs to be used for just 20 minutes every day for maximum effectiveness. Since this is an at-home treatment, patients can use it comfortably at whatever time of the day works best for them.
  • This treatment is hands-free, so patients can relax and do their daily activities.
  • The pulses sent to the teeth and bones during the treatment are very gentle and make the patient feel comfortable. They are 200 times less forceful than chewing.
  • AcceleDent makes the bones react better to orthodontic pressure, making them move more easily. This results in a more comfortable orthodontic experience.
  • AcceleDent is perfect for patients with specific treatment time goals (weddings, graduations, relocations, etc).

Are you a candidate for AcceleDent?

AcceleDent is used for a variety of cases and with almost every orthodontic appliance. It promotes faster braces treatment in a non-invasive way and hence, is safe for patients of all ages. You have to talk to your orthodontist to decide if you are a good candidate or not, but you are never too old to benefit from it. AcceleDent lets you straighten your teeth more quickly and with lesser discomfort.

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