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Orthodontics for Teens

A smile is an integral part of everyone’s lives. Getting a perfect 10-tooth smile would make anyone overjoyed as it is a serious confidence booster, especially if you’re a teenager. Flaunting that beautiful smile while socializing with your classmates and friends can make them crave for a smile that is as pleasing as yours.

A surprisingly huge number of youngsters suffer from misalignment of teeth, which is otherwise known as malocclusion. The cause of the condition could either be heredity, poor oral habits, issues with the growth of the teeth and the jawbone, etc. Whatever the cause may be, getting orthodontic attention at the right time can make a big impact on your facial appearance and put you at a psychological advantage. We, at Bay Area Smiles, provide the best orthodontic treatment to cater to your specific needs.

Worried about getting braces?

Most teenagers who have malocclusion would think twice about getting braces. The reason being, conventional metal braces ruin the aesthetics of the smile due to their metallic appearance. This could lead to embarrassment when someone points at them or mocks them. We understand your concern, which is why we would like to present some of the best alternatives to braces that you are going to love!


Invisalign stands for invisible aligner. It is called so because of the amazing property that allows it to stay in disguise when you wear it. Invisalign is made from transparent plastic material that is biocompatible and absolutely metal-free. The aligners are custom fabricated according to the contour of the patient’s teeth and the severity of malocclusion. They are easily removable and can be taken off whenever you have to eat food, brush teeth or during certain occasions.

When you have Invisalign on, people wouldn’t be able to find out easily that you are wearing them. This is because they are absolutely transparent and require a really good eye to be spotted. This way, you wouldn’t have to face embarrassment from your friends, or when you attend social gatherings.

Clear Braces

Clear braces use the same principle as conventional braces, except for the only difference being that the metal brackets and wires are replaced by ceramic or clear plastic counterparts. Though they aren’t absolutely invisible, they are aesthetically better than metal braces. Also, they are composed of smaller brackets, which makes brushing the teeth easier.

Lingual/Invisible Braces

Lingual or Invisible braces are attached to the teeth from their rear side (towards the tongue as opposed to the lips). They work using the same mechanism as that of conventional braces, i.e. by applying pressure on the teeth in the required direction to move them as desired. The best part about them is that they wouldn’t be visible when you smile or talk as they are hidden behind the teeth. Also, the chances of facing oral injury due to the braces are next to none.

Schedule an appointment with our excellent team of experts at Bay Area Smiles who have treated hundreds of patients over the years. We would guide you further with your treatment in the best way possible.

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